The Project

Il Progetto

Founded in 1991 in Nicaragua by Zelinda Roccia, an Italian woman, the ’Los Quinchos’ project gives hospitality to abandoned and mistreated children. It has an articulate and dynamic structure based on the passionate work of around forty people counting educators, psychologists, craftsmen, assistants and administration personnel, all of whom are Nicaraguan. The project is supported by basic solidarity, through the Italian Committees and Associations of the Adda, of Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari and Florence, whose volunteers are engaged in spreading the word about the project and promoting a culture of peace and solidarity between Nations. Enthusiastic contribution from volunteers and international groups from various Countries helps the Project grow, as a shared battle against injustice. The goal is to reinsert children in their own society offering them access to human rights they have been denied up to now: the right to a peaceful childhood and the knowledge of their rights and duty as future citizens.

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